Seigmen Tønsberg 2012

Slottsfjell Festival, Tønsberg
19th July 2012
Written by Silke Jochum


This summer the Norwegian Slottsfjell Festival celebrated it's 10th anniversary. On this special occasion Seigmen played one of their rare concerts. Seigmen was one of the most successful Norwegian bands of the 90. Bus as the success and therefore also the pressure got bigger and bigger the guitarist Sverre Økshoff decided to leave the band in 1999. Since Seigmen didn't want to replace him the band split up and and Kim Ljung, Alex Møklebust and Noralf Ronthi started Zeromancer together with Chris Schleyer and Erik Ljunggren.

In 2005 Seigmen played their first concert after the split up and they played it in the original line up. That show was very successful and so is wasn‘t a great suprise that the five Norwegian play some more concerts.

On Thursday July 19 Seigmen was the headliner on the first evening of Slottsfjell Festival in Tønsberg - the hometown of Seigmen. The location above the oldest city of Norway was extraordinary.

In front of the main stage the crowd waited in excitement and to be true nobody should be disappointed after the show.

The concert started with "Ameneon" and once Kim, Alex, Marius, Sverre and Noralf entered the stage the audience celebrated their heroes. At the latest when ‘Ohm’ started it was clear to everyone that this was going to be a great evening. Songs like ‘Colosseum’, ‘In Limbo’, ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Fra X Til Døden’ followed, accompanied by a great light show. The stage presence especially of Alex and Kim was overwhelming.

In addition to the well-known songs, Seigmen also played two new songs: ‘Trøst’ and ‘Forevig og alltid’. It was a very special festive moment when Marius Roth Christensen sang ‘Agnus Dei’. The tenor enchanted everyone with his incredible voice. Kim Ljung as well as the atmospheric light completed this very special goose-bump moment.


Shortly before the show ended Seigmen surprised the fans with fireworks above the old castle to the sounds of ‘Mesusa’.


The highlight of the evening were the last two songs ‘Døderlein’ and ‘Hjernen er alene’.
This night will be an unforgettable experience to everyone!
Tusen takk, Seigmen og Slottsfjell!


Music: 10
Performance: 9.5
Sound: 9
Light: 9.5
Total: 9.5 / 10

Kim Ljung - songwriter, bass guitar, vocals
Alex Møklebust - lead vocals
Noralf Ronthi - drums
Sverre Økshoff - guitar
Marius Roth Christensen - guitar, vocals