Seigmen Oslo 2016

Sentrum Scene, Olso, Norway
30th September 2016
Written by Silke Jochum
Published at Reflections of Darkness

After the release of their album ‘Enola’ one and a half years ago SEIGMEN had been on tour, as well as doing some club concerts and most of the Norwegian Festivals during summertime. Now they are back on another club tour and once again, they stopped at Sentrum Scene in Oslo. The nearly sold out venue was slowly filling up after the doors opened at eight o‘clock. People grabbed a drink and prepared themselves for the support band WHALES & THIS LAKE. This very young Norwegian electro pop band released their first single in January 2015 and delivered a cool show. The songs and the performance were very catchy and I guess we are going to hear much more of this band in the years to come.

At nine o‘clock, SEIGMEN entered the stage with ‘Simon’ and proved once again that they are able to thrill an audience right from the beginning. Also, ‘Simon’ made clear that the setlist would be different from the “Enola” tour. The show continued with the very powerful songs ‘Hva vi elsker’, ‘Ohm’, ‘Colosseum’, ‘I mitt hus’ and ‘Fra X til døden’. During the whole time the atmosphere was electrified and the fans were having an excellent time, clapping hands and singing along - celebrating the band!

After this magnificent start, the mood changed completely as ‘Hvit stjerne hvit støy’ quietly conquered Sentrum Scene. By this time, I was standing on the gallery, enjoyed the fragile, gloomy spirit of this song and the beautiful lights on stage during its second half. ‘Nephilia’, which was played next, perfectly managed to capture the atmosphere ‘Hvit stjerne hvit støy’ had built up.

After this quiet phase, the concert gathered speed again with ‘Slaver av solen’. It’s another perfect song to party and sing along to and it ended in an enthusiastic applause, after which Alex took the chance for a toast. He thanked the audience and announce that Kim’s band LJUNGBLUT and also Sverre’s project JARED AMBIENCE INC. released their albums that day. Good news for the fans! The show continued with ‘Utopia i mine armer’ and SEIGMEN proved once more that they are one of the best live bands I know.

It doesn’t matter whether you are watching Alex, Kim, Sverre, Marius or Noralf - everybody is giving their very best at all times. And what makes SEIGMEN special is the fact that you feel their gratitude at any moment. You can absolutely see that they really love what they are doing and deeply appreciate the loyalty of their fans (just like ZEROMANCER does, too). Then the sounds of ‘Metropolis’ filled the air and in the middle of the song Gunnhild Sundli (Gåte) joined the band, like she did in Trondheim earlier on tour, and gave the song and also the following one ‘Sort Tulipan’ a special, mystic touch.

Just before the guys left the stage, they struck up ‘Skjebnen’, which was released on the first SEIGMEN album ‘Pluto’ in 1992, and after that followed ‘Døderlein’ and once again the fans rocked the house. After a short break to calm down, Marius showed his huge talent as an opera singer with ‘Agnus dei’, supported by the beautiful voice of Kim. A song which was not played during the “Enola” tour was ‘Performance Alpha’ and it was a pleasure to listen to it again. ‘Mesusah’ made a perfect transition from the quiet songs towards the grand finale. The last song - as always - was ‘Hjernen er alene’ and, in my opinion, it is the perfect closure. It is full of energy and the band, as well as the audience could party once more until the very end!

As a conclusion, I have to say that it was an awesome SEIGMEN concert again. The selection of the songs was very good and different from the shows last year, which made it special, just like the guest appearance of Gunnhild Sundli. Visually, the last shows at Sentrum Scene had been a little better in terms of the lightshow. I really missed the marvellous laser show and definitely some front lights. But that’s whining on a high level. All in all it was a fantastic experience to see SEIGMEN on stage again and I can only highly recommend to join one of their concerts!!!

As a special goody for the LJUNGBLUT fans in the audience there was a signing session to the new album ‘Ikke alle netter er like sorte’ [see our review] at The Garden the next day where a lot of fans took the chance to meet the band.

Music: 9.5
Performance: 10
Sound: 8.5
Light: 8.0
Total: 9 / 10


Kim Ljung - songwriter, bass guitar, vocals
Alex Møklebust - lead vocals
Noralf Ronthi - drums
Sverre Økshoff - guitar
Marius Roth Christensen - guitar, vocals

01. (Intro)
02. Simone
03. Hva vi elsker
04. Ohm
05. Colosseum
06. I mitt hus
07. Fra X til døden
08. Hvit stjerne hvit støy
09. Nephilia
10. Slaver av solen
11. Utopia i mine armer
12. Metropolis
13. Sort Tulipan
14. Skjebnen
15. Døderlein
16. (intermezzo)
17. Agnus dei
18. Performance Alpha
19. Mesusah
20. Hjernen er alene