Seigmen Berlin 2018

Lido, Berlin, Germany
20th May 2018
Written by Silke Jochum
Published at Reflections of Darkness

It was quite a sensation when Peddy from neuWerk Music announced that SEIGMEN was going to play in Berlin in 2018! German fans were very excited because most of them never had the chance to see the band live on stage, since the last show SEIGMEN played in Germany was 20 years ago. Right after the announcement, there were rumours that SEIGMEN might also play at WGT in Leipzig. And it became true!

What great news for all the fans of the Norwegian band. Especially after ZEROMANCER confirmed WGT too. That was an eventful weekend for the band and the fans. Unfortunately I only had the chance to join the show in Berlin but friends of mine told me that the concerts in Leipzig were really amazing. Of course you can read about them on RoD! Check also out the pics of SEIGMEN and ZEROMANCER at WGT! The Berlin concert was a very special one, I can tell you! It was my 10th SEIGMEN show and it was really different to see them live in Germany.

The venue was a little smaller than the venues SEIGMEN is usually playing at in Norway. The stage was extremely tight and some of the great light show was missing. But nevertheless it was one of the best SEIGMEN shows I have ever seen.

Doors at Lido opened around 7 o’clock and slowly the room started to fill up with fans from all over the world - Germany, Norway, Russia and even from America. SEIGMEN opened the show for the eagerly waiting fans with ‘Performance Alpha’ at 8 o’clock. The atmosphere was unbelievable and terrific. Everybody - the audience and also Alex, Kim, Noralf, Sverre and Marius - were totally electrified and absolutely ready to spend a fantastic time together! As usual Alex, Kim and the rest of the guys cast a spell over every single one in the audience right from the beginning.

The set-list was a great mixture of strong songs like ‘Ohm’, ‘I mitt hus’, ‘Fra X til døden’ and ‘Mesusah’ as well as some very emotional songs like ‘Metropolis’, ‘Agnus Dei’ and the awesome ‘The Modern End’. Highlights were definitely ‘Døderlein’ and ‘Hjernen er alene’! The crowd went totally crazy and everybody was singing along! I am quite sure that the band was pretty surprised that the German fans knew so many Norwegian lyrics. I rarely saw so many happy faces in the front rows during a concert. That may be because during the last years it was very difficult for German fans to join a SEIGMEN show.

 Not everybody could afford to travel to Norway just to see a concert. So most of the fans waited a long time to get the opportunity to see these charismatic Norwegian guys on stage! In my opinion it was definitely worth it! We got a very unique show and in return the band got so much love and support from the audience. During the whole show the power and the happiness never faded away. All the songs were welcomed and celebrated with excitement. Or in the cases of ‘Agnus Dei’ and ‘The Modern End’ with attentive tranquillity. The shift between partying really hard and listening to more gentle songs worked perfectly well!

After ‘Hjernen er alene’, Alex, Kim, Sverre, Marius and Noralf said thank you and goodbye and left the stage, really overwhelmed by the devotion and love of the German people! Normally the concert definitely ends with the last tones of ‘Hjernen er alene’ but in Berlin the calls for more didn’t stop. The clapping and screaming went on and on and on. So truly by surprise the guys came back on stage and played an extra encore: ‘Slaver av solen’. I never experienced that! All in all there is only one thing to say - Thank you so much SEIGMEN for an unforgettable concert and please come back to Germany as soon as possible!

Music: 10
Performance: 10
Sound: 9.5
Light: 8.5
Total: 9.5 / 10


Kim Ljung - songwriter, bass guitar, vocals
Alex Møklebust - lead vocals
Noralf Ronthi - drums
Sverre Økshoff - guitar
Marius Roth Christensen - guitar, vocals


01. Performance Alpha

02. The world revolves around you

03. Ohm

04. I mitt hus

05. Nihil

06. Fra X til døden

07. Trampoline

08. The modern end

09. Neon Sun

10. Metropolis

11. Døderlein

12. Agnus Dei


13. Hva vi elsker

14. Mesusah

15. Hjernen er alene


16. Slaver av solen