Zeromancer Oslo 2018

Parkteatret, Olso, Norway

14th September 2018

Written by Silke Jochum

Published at Reflections of Darkness

Friday night was a very special night in the beautiful Norwegian town called Oslo. Alex Møklebust appeared on stage at Parkteatret in Grünerløkka, but this time not as the front man of the famous Norwegian band SEIGMEN. This evening the more electronic band ZEROMANCER was going to rock the house. Seeing a ZEROMANCER show in Norway is really a quite rare opportunity. The fans from Oslo had to wait five years to experience the guys back on stage. In this way the German fans are a lot more spoiled, since ZEROMANCER is a more frequent guest in Germany.

Apart from the fact that ZEROMANCER has been absent for a while in Oslo, there was another reason which made this night a very special one. A few weeks ago, guitar player Dan Heide announced that the show in Oslo is going to be his last show with ZEROMANCER. For most of the fans this was really a shock because Dan has been a precious member of the band for the last 15 years and will be truly missed.

Therefore it was no surprise that this sold-out concert was highly anticipated. Even an hour before the doors opened fans were already waiting outside the beautiful Parkteatret, which was one of the oldest cinemas of Oslo in the old days. The evening at Parkteatret started with a great DJ set of Alex Tjore. While the room was filling up, people could have a drink, a little talk and listen to bands like MINISTRY, RED 7, LJUNGBLUT, LEGEND and IAMX. As far as I know, these are all bands the guys from ZEROMANCER like a lot themselves.

At quarter past nine, the first sounds of ‘V’ appeared while Noralf, Lorry and Dan entered the stage followed by Kim. Under great applause, Alex showed up and made a great appearance from the very first second. The first five songs - ‘V’, ‘Auf Wiedersehen Boy’, ‘Chrom Bitch’, ‘Opelwerk’ and ‘Clone Your Lover’ - were all songs to heat up the crowd right from the beginning. The atmosphere at Parkteateret was great. People sang along, clapped their hands and celebrated their band!

As a counterpoint to the first very fast and rhythmical songs, ‘Sinners International’, followed right at the perfect time. The atmosphere changed, but was nevertheless splendid. After this little pause for breath the guys played another harder song, ‘Mercenary’, followed by the very emotional ballad ‘Mint’. The change of speed and emotions worked really well and kept the crowd excited. More great songs like ‘The Pygmalion Effect’, ‘The Hate Alphabet’ and ‘Cupola’ followed, and led on to the climax of the last song of the main set: ‘Fade To Black’ (my personal favourite of all times).

After the band got back on stage the fans could witness and feel how much love, friendship and coherence exist between Dan, Kim, Alex, Noralf and Lorry, as the band thanked Dan for 15 years with ZEROMANCER! That was truly a special moment for everybody.

The encores ‘God Bless The Models’, ‘Photographic’, ‘Ammonite’ and ‘Dr Online’ were a great finish! The five ZEROMANCER guys proved once more that they are a fantastic live band, and also that Alex is one of the most charismatic and captivating frontman you can experience on stage. Thank you so much for another great concert, ZEROMANCER - and thank you Dan! It was always a pleasure to have you on stage.


Music: 9

Performance: 10

Sound: 8

Light: 9

Total: 9 / 10


01. V

02. Auf Wiedersehen Boy

03. Chrome Bitch

04. Opelwerk

05. Clone your Lover

06. Sinners International

07. Mercenary

08. Mint

09. Something For The Pain

10. Stop The Noise

11. The Pygmalion Effect

12. The Hate Alphabet

13. Neo Geisha

14. Cupola

15. Fade To Black


16. God Bless The Models

17. Photographic

18. Ammonite


19. Dr Online

Zeromancer is
Kim Ljung - songwriter, bass guitar, vocals
Alex Møklebust - lead vocals
Noralf Ronthi - drums
Dan Heide - guitar
Lorry Kristiansen - Keys